Nat & Lo/Nat & Friends

Google Creative Lab (NYC) 
One downside of working at Google Creative Lab is that most of what you work on is top-secret, so you don’t always get much to show for it, portfolio-wise.

My pal and adjacent deskmate Natalie Dennis hatched an idea for a fun, freewheeling YouTube show that would illuminate some of the more wacky, out-there, and/or futurevision projects and creators popping off inside the ‘Plex. Producer Lo

A couple of my favorite episodes are Computer Vision and VR and Creativity (Part I, Part II).

I think in the end I’m a better animation director than animator, but in the right situation I can update Adobe Media Encoder and get back on the Timeline.

The channel page is here: Nat & Friends on YouTube (last updated Feb. 2018).

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