Ongoing series of loose, informal exercises play with meaning, narrative and how they arise—including the thresholds. A vocabulary and language of cartoon iconicity naturally falls at the juncture between serious and facetious. Roughly turn-of-the-century dialogue (Twain, Dos Passos, Steinbeck) hangs in the air, the speakers never shown as they wrangle with contemporary big city idea(r)s, meaning, and values through a more timeless lens. Generally executed in a single pass and “played how it lays,” holding the pen deliberately wrong to remove some degree of my hand from the result.

Cars Studies

From an initial proposition in the form of a simple illustration of a car, labeled as such, a vocabulary of shapes and a grammar of relations between them are established. Visual and written language develop in tandem as increasingly absurd combinations of each transform, combine, and iterate on previous versions. As new elements (descriptors, modifiers, etc.) are introduced, the implications are distributed and explored across the ever-increasing system. Conceived as a by-product of thinking about possibilities of Instagram-art, though this series is portable and more or less context-agnostic.