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Rough Timeline
1981-2009 Shrouded in mystery 
2009-2011 Freelance illustration 
2010-2014 Athletics NYC
2014-2016 Google Creative Lab (NYC)
2015-2016 School of the Visual Arts, NYC 
2016-2017 Freelance Design & Direction, NYC 
2017-20?? Freelance Design & Direction, Tokyo

Press, Interviews, and PublicationsTypographics T Magazine vol. 304 (Feb. 2023),  外から見た和文 (Japanese)

CapabilitiesGraphic Design & Typography
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Design Consulting
Conceptual Refinement
Branding & Identity
Motion Design/Animation

Samuel S. Rhodes

Tokyo, Japan
I’m an American artist and designer/director based in Tokyo. I have been working as a designer/art director independently, embedded in corporate environments, and as part of various studio collectives since 2011. I also taught Digital Design (comically broad topic) to junior year BFA majors at SVA in New York City.

As a designer, Art Director, and Creative Director, I am exceptionally adept at clarifying and navigating concepts and the connections between them in order to articulate clear yet often unexpected visuals. Innate curiosity has resulted in deep knowledge of culture and subcultures and the research skills to quickly learn more. In addition to print or digital/product layout and typography, I frequently contribute illustrations, icons, copy, or photography as needed to execute a given vision.

My art practice uses assorted media to explore language, iconography and visual languages, cultural structures and institutions, and the thresholds of narrative. My photography practice centers edges and intervals of human culture, with a recurring theme of Seen Hollow Holocene Scenes. My writing explores design, art, the quotidian, and the meeting of the three. I hold a BA in Philosophy from North Caroline State University (Summa Cum Laude).

For inquiries, email me!