Graphics and titles for a 90s-inspired music video with an anime twist 

Twin Brains Films
Typography, layout, animation 

Joyce Wrice, KAYTRANADA “Iced Tea” 

A fun one for bilingual R&B singer/dancer Joyce Wrice with my favorite director, Xavier Tera. Heavy 90’s serial action/drama impact, treated to pair well with saturated Kodak grainy goodness—all period-correct for 1997 (or 2097 as visualized in 1997).

End card is smooshed together poster-style for a “done in one” approach; happy as ever to reactivate Bee Four.

Bonus outtake (last vid above) is an alt version that leans more into the anime portion: sword flash wipe to hi-tech lockup. In the end, a simpler solution made sense as the title got shifted to a different point in the cut.

Watch the video here.