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I suppose it's inevitable that a graphic designer left to their own devices will come up with some sort of "side project," and I'm certainly not immune to this (incidentally I think this is part of the reason no one takes us seriously). In my own case, the devices in question were 1) myself and 2) the context of a new place. I didn't entertain too many exaggerated notions about "new year, new you" vis-a-vis my relocation to Japan in early 2017, but while I may be more or less the same (much to my haters' delight) my horizons have expanded considerably: I'm surrounded by stuff that I may never fully understand. You know where this is going...

Weekend Romance™ was initially just a collision of synonyms/2-word poem for my two favorite things (love and leisure), and sort of filtered through the gauzy fog of not really knowing what's going on all the time, something started to emerge about being (happily) an outsider in the busiest city in the world. I wouldn't say that it's specifically about Japan, so much as that since I'm here, that fact makes it's way into everything, even if subconsciously.

A key piece is the "It's 夜の七時 somewhere!" tee, which mashes up Alan Jackson and Pizzicato Five; Japan is famous for long work hours so it only makes sense to push it back—and after all at 19:00 "The Night is Still Young"

Available direct here — new releases intermittently.
Also available at Sailosaibin in Sasazuka, Shibuya.